"Our passion is to create beautifully-crafted and comfortable homes that express our clients’ individual personality and lifestyle" Laura Dragoi, Founder

Art de Vivre Studio was founded by Laura Dragoi to address the needs of an international clientele who wishes to balance their lifestyle between London and South of France, offering them a most creative and personal experience.

Cultivating the idea that beauty is not limited to a certain place but is rather an universal concept, Laura constantly looks for inspiration around the world to create balanced and fresh interiors. 

We have a taste for spaces that unveil their beauty with subtlety and radiate serenity and equilibrium, where function is balanced with aesthetics. Each project is translated into a ‘distinct’ aesthetic, carried out with close attention to detail for a seamless and bespoke result. Our designs have a contemporary and relaxed feel with a touch of classic. We endeavour to create comfortable yet elegant spaces where past meets with present and old becomes new, through the use of texture, organic materials and subtle, natural palettes of colour. 
Committed to every aspect of the design process from early conception to completion, we have a unique vision for each project we undertake. Thus, the location and the personality of each client play an important role in the design process.
Our design services include concept development, space planning, interior architecture, kitchen and bathroom design, floor coverings and wall treatments, as well as interiors consulting and styling

Art de Vivre Studio is currently an Associate Member of The British Institute of Interior Design.